Tuesday, 24 January 2012


When I paint I love to incorporate as much color as possible.  Sometimes I do a series of "blue paintings" or "red paintings" or just go with what I am feeling that particular day.  Color can make you feel energized or calm you, stir up memories, refresh, renew and the list goes on.  I just know that I am drawn to color and my eyes are always looking at something whether it is a colorful object or a painting or nature.
I fell in love with this glass piece while visiting a gallery in North Bay and during the drive home couldn't get it off my mind.  It was exquisite and breathtakingly beautiful.  Why did it resonate with me?  There was a vibrancy and energy about this art that was unexplainable just felt.  A myriad of colors that made me feel something.  Oh the power of color!  Thanks to the artist Sergio Golod for creating such a wonderful piece and it now sits on a table across from my piano and inspires me.

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